Exploring Three Key Trends Shaping EU Pharma Logistics

The pharmaceutical landscape in Europe is dynamic, influenced by unique regulations and evolving trends that impact drug development and distribution across member states and Britain. In this context, Euro-American, an affiliate of the life sciences sector in Massachusetts, and third-party logistics center specially designed for pharmaceuticals, biomedical, and other high-quality products, emphasizes the importance of staying informed about ongoing trends in pharmaceutical logistics. Here are three significant trends in Europe, along with the associated regulations, that Euro-American is closely monitoring.

1. Supply Chain Concerns

The European Union (EU) has been grappling with drug shortages, driven by increasing demand and limited production capacity. Various factors such as manufacturing disruptions, geopolitical events like the Russia-Ukraine conflict, raw material shortages, and distribution challenges contribute to this issue. The European Commission (EC) has responded by implementing actions to address critical medicine shortages, including measures to enable member states to redistribute needed medicines and regulatory flexibility to ensure timely patient access. Additionally, recent pharmaceutical legislation revisions underscore the EU’s commitment to securing medicine supply and availability across the region.

2. Temperature-Controlled Shipping

The COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the importance of temperature-controlled shipping, particularly for vaccines requiring stringent temperature management. The growing demand for temperature-sensitive products, driven by increased adoption and spending on biologics and advanced therapeutic medicinal products (ATMPs), is expected to continue. EU agencies are actively promoting the development and approval of ATMPs, necessitating enhanced regulatory support and creating opportunities for logistics providers specializing in temperature-controlled transport. As the reach of ATMPs expands across the EU, there is a corresponding need for infrastructure to ensure uninterrupted stability during storage and distribution.

3. Prefilled Drug Delivery

Prefilled drug delivery systems have gained traction in the European market, offering benefits such as cost savings, dosing accuracy, and improved patient experience. The use of prefilled syringes and autoinjectors enhances patient accessibility and adherence, particularly for injectable medications used in chronic conditions like diabetes and obesity. With the implementation of new EU GMP Annex 1 regulations on aseptic packaging, logistics providers must prioritize sterility and product safety, especially for parenterally administered therapeutics. Integration of GMP-compliant packaging services with the logistics chain ensures efficiency and shorter lead times, aligning with the evolving regulatory landscape.


Pharmaceutical logistics in Europe are influenced by ongoing trends and regulatory changes, requiring adaptability and strategic planning from logistics providers. GMP-certified and integrated value chains play a crucial role in accommodating these trends while ensuring agility, reliability, and efficiency. Euro-American, a leader in strategic planning, asset management and logistics planning, stands ready to provide essential logistical support through its strategically positioned facilities, and worldwide through a network of Exclusive Service Level Agreements.