Lawrence, MA International Logistics Services

Euro American has been setting the standard in national and international logistics since 1965, providing safe, secure, cost-effective transportation from door-to-door. We are a leader in strategic planning, asset management, and logistics planning, maintaining control of your freight from start-to-finish. Your cargo never leaves our hands and never leaves our control. We have two operating facilities, one at Logan International in Boston and one at Worcester Airport, and we are represented worldwide through a network of Exclusive Service Level Agreements.

An International Logistics Company With Experience

When it comes to shipping products and materials in the Lawrence, MA area, Euro American is one of the top freight companies in services offered. We have always believed that by providing our clients with cohesive supply chain solutions for every phase of the journey, we can offer more efficiency and more value. By maintaining an asset-based approach while focusing on building a staff of educated, experienced and committed professionals with dovetailing specialties, our collective capabilities and knowledge have expanded past that which most logistics companies can provide.

International Logistics Services Offered in Lawrence, MA

Our company offers a variety of international logistics services, and each one is available in the Lawrence area. Almost every business will have to send or receive products and materials over the course of their business, and knowing that you can trust Euro American to ship your products and materials to and from Lawrence is a great place to start.

One-Stop Shop for International Logistics Services

From freight forwarding services to warehousing services, we cover it all. We offer a one-stop shop for supply chain needs and hold a comprehensive understanding of the processes, allowing us to be flexible, efficient, creative, and intelligent as we provide services to our clients in the Lawrence, MA area.

Throughout our 50+ years, we’ve aligned our asset-based business with the security programs set in place by the U.S. Government to ensure compliance with foreign and domestic import/export shipments. We position ourselves to be leaders in the handling of high-quality products, including pharmaceuticals, bio-pharma, high-tech, plastics and more.

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