• Ocean Freight

    Efficiency and convenience define our ocean operations.

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As a U.S. Customs-Bonded and USFDA-Approved Container Freight Station (CFS), we can take the work out of your consolidated shipments and save both time and money by supplying only the space you need. By combining smaller ocean shipments into one container, Euro-American keeps cargo moving along the supply chain without the delays of waiting for a full load, or charging for a partially used container. By leveraging our diverse customer base, we can fill in the missing pieces of a shipment to give all of our customers the best, fastest service with a multitude of options for consolidation.

Whether our clients need climate control, FCL services, LCL consolidations or oversized, heavy project cargo solutions, we can advise on the most effective ways to enhance the supply chain. We’re available to consult with shippers beforehand and develop the routing that best suits their needs. With strategic overseas partners, developed through years of collaboration, your ocean cargo is monitored, protected and available for 24/7 tracking. Those close relationships act as an extension of our home office when cargo arrives, so you never experience a lapse in service at home or abroad.

Temperature Controlled Storage

Euro-American believes that every point of the supply chain is crucial for today’s global shippers and we’ve taken great care to offer solutions for those points. We believe that being a logistics expert means all facets of your shipment are handled by talented industry professionals with career longevity, experience and the capabilities to fully understand and support your needs at every point, home and away.

Imported ocean cargo can have wildly varied destinations, needs and concerns all in the same container. By offering cross dock, pick and pack, repackaging, final-mile delivery and warehousing, Euro-American can ensure your imports go directly where they belong, just in time, every time.