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Ensuring Supply Chain Resilience in the Face of Disruptions

Pharmaceutical companies face a myriad of risks and disruptions in their supply chains, including natural disasters, geopolitical tensions, and global health crises. Building resilience in the supply chain is essential for maintaining continuity of operations and ensuring the availability of life-saving medications and treatments. Challenges Identifying and assessing potential risks and vulnerabilities in the supply […]

Streamlining Customs Brokerage for International Pharmaceutical Trade

Customs brokerage plays a crucial role in facilitating the smooth flow of pharmaceutical products across international borders. However, navigating the complex landscape of import/export regulations and customs procedures can be challenging for companies in the life sciences sector. Challenges Understanding and complying with diverse import/export regulations in different countries. Managing documentation requirements for customs clearance, […]

Gaining GMP Storage Space Utilizing a 3rd Party Solution in Massachusetts

Intro Are you a life sciences manufacturer struggling to find enough storage space for supplies and materials? Outsourcing to a 3rd party GMP storage facility is your best solution. Storage providers in Massachusetts have state-of-the-art facilities and strict adherence to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), so that you can trust that your materials will be safe, […]

Negative Effects of the Inflation Reduction Act on the Life Sciences Manufacturing Industry

US Launches Attack on Drug Developers The Life Science Manufacturing industry has long been hailed as the bedrock of groundbreaking medical research and innovation, particularly in the realm of drug development. With the United States leading the charge, accounting for 55% of approved drugs globally, the mutualistic relationship between public and private sectors has undeniably […]

Q2 2023 Quarterly Report

Mid-Year Insights Into the Life Sciences Industry 3 topics influencing the life sciences industry: The Inflation Reduction Act Rate of FDA Approvals of New Drugs The Massachusetts Bio Hub 1. Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), passed into law in August 2022, includes provisions that directly affect the life sciences industry: $35 […]

Worcester airport logistics firm expands facilities to accommodate life sciences growth

Worcester-based Euro American Worldwide Logistics has completed a 20,000-square-foot expansion of its Airport Drive warehouse facilities in support of the life sciences industry. The expansion adjacent to the Worcester Regional Airport was conceived to offer more storage space for life science companies, said Jason Moore, director of sales and marketing for Euro American. The new […]